Creation Healthcare

Creation Healthcare is a leading provider of digital insights to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. It generates insights by tracking and analysing the views and sentiments of healthcare professionals active on social media. These insights are used to inform planning, communications, and policymaking among some of the world's largest healthcare companies, government organisations, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).


Creation Healthcare is an established digital insights provider to the pharmaceutical industry. It has worked with almost all of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, many of which have retained relationships with the consultancy.

Their work is made possible through CREATION Pinpoint®, the world's largest artificial intelligence (AI)-powered global database of more than 3 million healthcare professionals' social media profiles, analysing the collective intelligence of almost 2 billion social media posts by professionals on the front lines of healthcare.

Bridgehead Communications was retained by Creation Healthcare to raise the company's profile and showcase its expertise and insights among potential and existing clients via the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and national media in the UK and the US.


Following our initial discovery meeting, we began by monitoring the daily healthcare and pharmaceutical media coverage to identify key topics and trends. We also looked at forthcoming health awareness days likely to generate healthcare and pharmaceutical media coverage spikes.

With these relevant 'hooks' identified, we liaised with Creation Healthcare's analyst team to prioritise those most pertinent to Creation's commercial objectives. We worked with the analyst team to offer guidance on what insight and analysis would be of most news value to the media. With the research complete, we drafted a press release to showcase the most compelling findings of the team's insight and pitched this into the press in the UK and the US.

Through our existing media connections and the new ones we fostered, we liaised with relevant national, pharmaceutical, and healthcare media correspondents to inform them of Creation's insight capabilities and discuss topics of most interest to them.

Parallel to this process, particularly in the early stages of our engagement, we took advantage of the wealth of previously published insights on Creation's website that had not been publicised to the media. We reviewed to identify those that remained relevant and that were newsworthy. These, too, would be converted to a press release and published in the media.

A further strand of our work was promoting awareness of their expertise among policymakers in Parliament and officials within the Department of Health.


To date, our engagement work has secured significant success in the national UK media as well as across the specialist pharmaceutical and healthcare media on both sides of the Atlantic. Creation's research has been featured in 52 articles and read by an estimated 456,000 readers.

National UK Media

In terms of the UK national media, we've secured extensive coverage with The Times offering unprecedented insights into the sentiment of different category of healthcare professional surrounding industrial action. We also delivered coverage in The Sun newspaper regarding the enduring legacy of the late Dame Deborah James' 'Bowel Babe' campaign and how it has stirred online engagement on social media between clinicians and the general public. Meanwhile, the Daily Express reported on Creation's research showing the attitudes among clinicians towards a fourth Covid vaccine.

ITV also conducted in person interviews and filming from Creation's head offices as part of their 75-anniversary coverage.

Healthcare and Pharma Media

Our campaign has delivered significant success in both the specialist healthcare and pharmaceutical media on both sides of the Atlantic. Creation's insights have been reported on in ENDPOINTS NEWS (owned by the Financial Times). We've also delivered and ongoing content supply arrangement with leading healthcare outlet, Healio as well as the opportunity for a commercial partnership.

In the UK and Europe we have delivered repeated coverage with PharmaPhorum, European Pharmaceutical Review, Pharma Boardroom, and Europa Health.

Political Engagement

In terms of political engagement, we also secured and coordinated a joint event between the Creation and the All Party Parliamentary Health Group. The roundtable dinner event held in the Palace of Westminster featured a presentation by Creation's CEO, Daniel Ghinn, into the perceived solutions among healthcare professionals themselves into some of the key challenges facing the UK's primary care service. The roundtable dinner was well attended, including by MPs and Peers from the APPG as well as by senior officials from the Department for Health.

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