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We work with FE colleges and independent training providers to promote their brand, improve their reputation, and influence change among the audiences that matter to them. We do this through the media, online, and among policymakers.

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Our services include:

  • Branding and Web Development

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Video Production

  • Digital Marketing & SEO

In the digital age, marketing and content are vital. They pierce through the noise to capture audience attention. They provide value, build trust, and foster engagement amidst a rising tide of online competition. Tailored strategies ensure visibility, enhance SEO, and create personalised experiences that promote loyalty, and help you gain the edge on your competitors. 

Our services include:

  • Media Mapping

  • Core Messaging

  • Press Release Drafting and Distribution

  • Opinion Piece Drafting and Placement (National, Regional and Specialist Media)

  • Media Comment Placement

  • Online Profile Curation

  • Social Media Management and Engagement

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The chatter of social media, married with the advent of 24-hour news means it’s harder than ever for individuals and organisations to have their voice heard, their opinion shared, or knowledge and expertise showcased.

Whether you’re an industry expert, college, or training provider trying to connect to prospective clients, industry or political audience or if you’re looking to showcase your skills and expertise, we can help you. We understand the media. We know what constitutes a story. We will navigate you through the drone of the news cycle to connect you with your target audience and help you to communicate your core messages effectively.

Our services include:

  • Media and Presentation Training

  • Core Messaging

  • Proactive and Reactive Crisis Media Handling

  • Online Profile Curation

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The digital transformation of traditional print media has seen a fragmentation in audience numbers and a dramatic fall in advertising revenue for newspapers. Paywalls have offered respite to some publications, but these are the minority. Editors and their teams of journalists remain under pressure to churn new content quickly and on smaller budget. 

The struggle to make online news commercially viable has seen a shift away from more considered investigative journalism to a more sensationalist approach aimed at securing X’s (formerly Tweets) and Facebook likes to drive online traffic. AI and the rise of both disinformation is only pouring fuel on this fire. 

This changing landscape has brought with it an increased risk for entrepreneurs and businesses across industries. Unfair and twisted allegations can be levelled, but with our collective knowledge spanning all forms of media we can help repair a damaged image and help clients protect against future events. 

Our services include:

  • Political Monitoring and Insights

  • Stakeholder Mapping

  • Stakeholder Engagement (one-to-one meetings, roundtable events, panel events, etc.)

  • Policy Analysis and Development

  • Political Due Diligence

  • Coalition Building

  • Thought Leadership

  • Speech Writing

We live in turbulent times. Coronavirus, lockdown, and major changes to national skills policy mean the skills and training industry continues to see a profound period of political and regulatory uncertainty.

The apprenticeship levy and the devolution of the adult education budget mean it’s more important than ever training providers and industry leaders communicate effectively with policy makers and public officials. With our expert understanding of the sector, we can ensure you have your voice heard in the heart of government.

While many of the challenges facing the sector are common, nuances remain. We will work with you to navigate the challenges you face to ensure your voice is heard in government. We will listen to your objectives and understand the implications legislative change means for you. Drawing on our team’s extensive political and media expertise, we will design and implement an engagement programme to rally a support base among media, political and academic influencers through which we will deliver the change you need.

Our service offering includes: 

  • Central Campaign Strategy Formulation

  • Single Issue Political and Media Engagement Campaigns

  • Digital and Social Media Campaigns

  • Stakeholder Engagement (One-to-one meetings, Roundtable Events, Panel Events)

  • Counter Campaigns

  • Thought Leadership

  • Speech Writing

  • Promotional and online asset curation

Some issues require a longer-term systemic approach drawing on both media and political strands above. These can range from single-issue campaigns at either a local or a national level through to counter-campaigning to put your case forward, either directly or indirectly, to decision makers being influenced by other groups with contrary interests to your own. We have extensive campaigning experience. Our team has first-hand knowledge of single-issue and counter campaigning. 

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