Nursing Home Marketing

We specialise in giving nursing homes the support they need through dedicated marketing campaigns involving social media, media coverage, multimedia content and SEO, which can lift your number of self-funded residents and bolster your brand.

Nursing Home nurse and resident

We support all types of nursing homes, no matter the size, to increase their number of self-funded residents. Our services include social media management, media coverage, multimedia production, SEO, public relations, and reputation management.

In a competitive landscape, a nursing home’s standing and how it is viewed by the local community is extremely important, especially to set you apart from your competitors. The opinions of your residents and their families play a vital role in your success as a profitable enterprise.

Bridgehead has significantly enhanced our digital profile by obtaining broad coverage in local, national, and trade publications.
Kat Clayton, Marketing and Sales Director, Berkley Care Group

Central to shaping this perception is your profile. For your nursing home, this is just as important offline as it is online. We've found that, when able to highlight their high-quality, tailored and dedicated nursing care through first-class dining, events, activities and more, nursing homes are able to attract more residents and retain more staff.

How we help your nursing home

We offer a comprehensive array of marketing solutions to nursing homes, delivering the necessary support to advance your facilities: Our offerings include:

  • Crisis Communications and Reputation Management: All nursing homes are vulnerable to unexpected incidents that can damage their reputation and affect how target audiences view their facilities. We specialise in crisis communications and reputation management. We can implement safeguards, preparations, and systems to minimise the fallout of such events. If a crisis arises, we will effectively handle your media and stakeholder interactions effectively.

  • Key messaging. We work with you to identify your priorities and unique values that you want to get across to the public and interested parties. Working from this, we will then ensure we work these priorities through all marketing content including press releases and statements that we produce.

  • Activities and events calendar. We coordinate with your team to arrange, publicise and cover a diverse programme of noteworthy, memorable events that highlight the values and culture of your home(s) in a way well-suited to attracting local media attention.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We make sure your website is optimised, taking account of the most relevant search terms for your local area and specialism, so that it ranks above your competitors on Google.

  • Securing media coverage for your nursing home. We target the most relevant media, locally, regionally, nationally and in the trade press, to deliver you coverage for your home.

  • Producing multimedia content. We work to market your home with high-quality photography and professional videos that put your homes' values at the centre of your brand.

  • Building social media for nursing homes. We drive up your social media presence and following through formulating engaging posts that help to paint a positive picture of your homes. This is done particularly through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and, increasingly, TikTok.

We get nursing homes

We have been running nursing home campaigns for years.

Over the years, we have worked with nursing homes both large and small and with varying specialisms.

I could not recommend Bridgehead highly enough. They have a unique understanding of the adult social care media landscape.
Ben Ashton, Co-Founder & Director, GoodOaks Homecare

Our passion about the social care sector is clear. Our Managing Director, Will, writes a monthly column for leading care sector publication, Caring Times, which covers topics such as the CQC's new assessment framework and an assessment of care visa restrictions.

One stop for all your nursing home marketing needs

To better evidence what we can do for you, our nursing home marketing experience includes:

Key messaging • Multimedia strategy • Photography • Video production • Media training • Press release writing • Press release distribution • Interview pitching • Journalist outreach • Crisis Communications • Reputation Management • Media tracking • Social media branding • LinkedIn Management • Facebook Management • Social media writing • SEO

Key Social Media Icons for Nursing Home Marketing

We care about nursing homes and social care

We've worked with some of the nation's leading care providers, actively promoting their brands and engaging with the media to drive awareness. Further details can be read in our two most recent case studies below:

  • Berkley Care Group - With 12 care homes located across the West Midlands and South of England, Berkley engaged Bridgehead to promote the group and its homes as providers of all-inclusive luxury care among the local and regional media. The primary objective was to drive occupancy rates, while also boosting recruitment and retention of staff by showcasing Berkley’s homes as positive work environments characterised by a strong team spirit. Read more.

  • GoodOaks Homecare - GoodOaks Homecare engaged Bridgehead to work on the execution and promotion of their new campaign, ‘You Are Not Alone’. The campaign is targeted at the country’s unpaid carers, which some estimates put at more than 10 million. GoodOaks wanted to celebrate and support the quiet, unseen, unheralded commitment that these individuals make to those they love. It sought to address the lack of information, resources and assistance for those needing some extra help to remain independent, and for those caring for them. Read more.

Further reading highlighting how effective marketing is central to nursing homes' success

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An effective marketing strategy for a nursing home should include a mix of digital and traditional marketing tactics. Key elements include a user-friendly website, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media engagement, content marketing (blogs, newsletters), community outreach, online reviews management, and targeted advertising (Google Ads).

Improving online presence involves optimising your website for search engines (SEO), ensuring it's mobile-friendly, regularly updating content such as blogs and testimonials, engaging with audiences on social media, encouraging and managing online reviews, and using online advertising strategically.

Reputation management is crucial as it directly impacts the trust and credibility of the nursing home. Positive online reviews and testimonials can significantly influence potential residents and their families. Managing negative reviews promptly and professionally also helps maintain a good reputation.

Social media plays a significant role in building community engagement, sharing success stories, providing updates, and showcasing the daily life and activities within the nursing home. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be used to reach out to potential residents and their families, as well as to interact with the local community.