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Tom Zundel

Tom Zundel is a Political and Media Consultant at Bridgehead Communications, responsible for creating engaging content for clients, managing work programmes, providing updates, and offering strategic advice.

Tom Zundel

Tom is a Political and Media Consultant, accountable for daily client engagement and overseeing Cura Insight, a monthly newsletter that discusses topical news, analysis, and opinion in the field of adult social care.

Before becoming a Political and Media Consultant in 2024, he had worked with Bright Blue, a think tank that focuses on promoting liberal conservative policies and ideas within the UK, writing for their Centre Write blog.

He also gained editorial experience as a journalist at university and thereafter, providing a unique range of experiences and knowledge to the team. Through this he wrote for various publications on a wide selection of issues from the electoral significance of climate policies and the UK's existing pensions system to housing policy and the Conservative leadership election of 2022.

He graduated from the University of Warwick with a first-class Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Politics and International Studies in 2023. Through his dissertation he examined the evolution of UK housing policy over the past four decades.

Understanding clients deeply

"Before diving into any project, I make it a priority to understand the essence of the client. This isn't about extensive research; it's about grasping the fundamental aspects of who they are and what they stand for. This insight sets the stage for everything that follows."

Boldness and value maximisation

"The greatest advice I've ever received is to embrace boldness. This means not hesitating when facing new challenges or opportunities. Whether it's a minor task like trying a new hobby or a significant decision like launching a startup, the key is to dive in headfirst. Successes and failures alike offer invaluable lessons."

Collaboration and teamwork

"Visible leadership is crucial for setting the business' tone. It influences how employees collaborate, their dedication to their roles, and even how they talk about their work outside the office. When leaders are actively engaged, it creates a cohesive and motivated work environment."

Service principles and positive change

"Working here offers a rare chance to drive significant change. Whether it's shaping policies to support small businesses or addressing global environmental issues, our platform allows us to amplify critical ideas and make a tangible difference."

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