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Natty Croucher

Natty Croucher is a Political and Media Consultant at Bridgehead Communications, responsible for client management across a range of sectors.

Natty is a Political and Media Consultant at Bridgehead Communciations. He leads on a range of clients, including those in the health, social care, and technology sectors.

He also oversees The Mark, a monthly newsletter discussing topical news, analysis and opinion in the further education and skills landscape.

Natty graduated from the University of Bristol in 2023 with a first class degree in History, where he specialised in Bristol’s sixteenth century trade with the European continent. At University, he also edited The Bristorian, the University of Bristol’s history magazine.

Immediately after university, Natty spent several months as a volunteer policy caseworker and researcher with his local Labour MP, working in both the parliamentary and constituency offices.

Outside of the office, Natty enjoys keeping up to date with politics (though admits extreme overuse of Twitter), watching and playing football, a cold beer, and a good historical drama.

Strong relationships:

"Building a strong relationship with your client is absolutely essential to the effective function of your work. It enhances collaboration, smoothens communication and allows an alignment of priorities that facilitate success."

Ensuring Quality:

"At the heart of good delivery is quality. Getting to grips with what you need to know as early as possible provides the foundation for this quality, as does a proactive attitude to learning. Both are key to building the confidence you need to work at your best."

A Passion for Teamwork:

"At the heart of all the greatest teams is a willingness to work together. Much can be learned from collaborating with those with different skillsets. Success in doing so raises both the floor and ceiling of your capabilities, and provides the fuel behind success across your team."

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