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Formed in 2009 through the amalgamation of three colleges, Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMet) is a leading further and higher education college with campuses across Birmingham. Its students benefit from the college's state-of-the-art facilities as well as partnerships with world-leading employers and links with top universities.


With low rates of education participation among adults aged 18-55 in the Birmingham and West Midlands area, anecdotal evidence suggested that key drivers were a lack of awareness, perceived ineligibility, and other barriers preventing enrolment in adult education opportunities.

In January 2023, Bridgehead was commissioned by BMet to design a short-term campaign to quantify the issue and to promote awareness of adult education routes available to those aged 18-55 living in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands area.


In January 2023, we commissioned a leading polling agency, Survation, to conduct a survey of over one thousand adults aged 18-55 living in Birmingham and the West Midlands area to gauge their attitudes and understanding of adult education opportunities available to them.

The results were striking. They revealed that nearly three-fifths (57 per cent) of adults across Birmingham and the West Midlands would consider returning to education but were being held back by factors, including the rising cost of living.

The survey also found that while many respondents were eager to return to learning, over a third cited cost and childcare as a barrier.

Furthermore, one in four adults incorrectly believed they were ineligible for formal education, including at the university level.

Lastly, three-fifths of respondents said they would consider returning to education part-time, but just 13 per cent would consider returning full-time.

We converted the polling data into a series of graphs showcased in a report titled 'Attitudes towards adult education in the West Midlands and Birmingham' and drafted a press release highlighting the most significant findings for distribution to the regional media.


The press release and the accompanying polling report attracted widespread pickup within the local and regional media, including the Express & Star and the Shropshire Star. In total, the polling results were published in five news outlets, attracting an estimated 29,000 readers.

In addition, BMet used the polling results to inform the college's marketing strategy and effectively target adults aged 18-55 to better inform them of the education routes available to them.

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