ViewsHub provides a tool-based platform designed to transform every team into a high-performing one using real-time team diagnostics to improve cooperation organisation-wide, break down organisational silos, reduce friction, and boost performance. Its products are tailored to help leaders and their teams recruit smarter, cooperate more, and perform better by benchmarking against the best teams.


In 1998, Ab Banerjee set up RAW Communications. Backed by Intel, 3i Group, and Providence Equity Partners, RAW pioneered the online streaming of investor presentations, brokerage calls, AGMs, and IPO road shows. In 2001, the company topped The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 and, in 2004, was subsequently sold to Thomson Financial (now Thomson Reuters).

Informed by his experiences scaling RAW Communications, Ab became interested in team cooperation, performance, and how best to drive organisational competitiveness.

He became convinced that the route to driving organisational competitiveness lies in having cognitively diverse teams that avoid 'group think', feel empowered to express their views and opinions and cooperate with other teams for the benefit of the organisation as a whole rather than for themselves.

To achieve this, he established ViewsHub. ViewsHub is a digital platform designed to measure an individual's behavioural traits (TeamDNA) to establish how well their behavioural traits complement those of other team members. Its TeamScore function enhances psychological safety and the ability to speak up by offering individuals and teams real-time feedback on their performance sourced both from within their organisation and from customers and suppliers. Lastly, its TeamTips function encourages cooperation between teams by instilling a growth mindset among each individual worker.

Bridgehead was retained to establish Ab as a thought leader in the ongoing debate surrounding organisational competitiveness and performance and, in turn, to position ViewsHub as the 'go-to' platform for driving high-performing teams and organisational performance.


First retained by ViewsHub in 2020, our engagement work was initially centred around media engagement with those publications read by Chief People Officers and other key decision-makers relevant to ViewsHub. We looked for relevant angles or news hooks in the media that we could leverage to put forward Ab's vision for optimising team performance. Meanwhile, we also drafted regular opinion pieces on the topic. We also organised media interviews and a journalist breakfast. These enabled Ab to engage with relevant journalists in person and articulate his rationale while responding directly to questions.

In 2021, we launched the 'The Loop' e-newsletter. Edited by Ab, the newsletter offered readers a guide to "the future of workplace feedback, team performance and organisational competitiveness". Each edition is centred around a relevant topic, such as 'the role of feedback in driving team performance'. It features an opinion piece, an interview with a relevant expert, and a summary of recent news and media commentary surrounding the topic. Distributed via email and social media, including LinkedIn, the newsletter is targeted at Chief People Officers and Heads of HR as well as other C-Suite executives.

Most recently, we have developed 'The Loop' into a monthly podcast, with the first edition published in February 2024.


Media engagement

In terms of media engagement, we have secured significant success. We have secured over 27 pieces of coverage reaching an estimated readership of 443,000. Notable highlights include a feature interview with Forbes and US-based SHRM; coverage in The Independent, Sunday Express and Management Today as well as the major HR trade press.

The Loop

Since its launch in 2021, The Loop has seen engagement rate soar. It now boasts a 10,000 strong readership -- predominantly Chief People Officers and HR directors -- based in the UK and the US. It also has a notable following among notable business management academics. It has featured interviews from notable contributors, including:

  • Sir Vince Cable, former Member of Parliament, UK Business Secretary and Leader of the Liberal Democrats

  • Bhushan Sethi, Joint Global Leader, People and Organisation at PwC and Adjunct Professor at NYU Stern School of Business

  • Liz Fealy, Global People Advisory Services Deputy Leader and Workforce Advisory Leader at EY

  • Narayan Pant, Professor of Strategy and Leadership Development at INSEAD

  • Will Gosling, Partner and UK Human Capital Leader at Deloitte UK

  • Dr Kelly Monahan, Global Lead on Talent Research at Accenture Research

  • Peter Cheese, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD)  

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